In the 1980s, Graphic design was considered as an attention grabbing decade!
It was also the decade of digital decadence. Obsession with all things tech.
As a little kid, it was this era when a computer game caught my litte eye and I
became obssessed with Digital Graphics.


Eventually, I pursued in and graduated in Multimedia & Design.

Got my first job with Sony Malaysia after I finished my University studies and worked under the luxurious Bravia Department for a few years. Thereafter, I worked for a few other corporations till 2017. My job experiences are mainly in graphic design, illustration, branding, web design (UI,UX), marketing, training and coding in html, css and sass.




I am currently living and freelancing in London. If you're looking to hire me or for work collaborations,
drop me a mail at


Read more about some of my past job scope.Click on one of the following companies below:

Olygen is an event, conference and tech business in Kuala Lumpur. I worked with Olygen as a Digital Designer in their marketing department. I was heavily involved in creative branding, graphic design, web design and development.

• I was lead in the design, development and implementation of the graphic, web layout, and production communication materials that were achieved under very tight deadlines.

• I designed all responsive websites and visually appealing graphics and making sure that the UI is in line with the project management team proposal.

• I was meticulous in creating graphic illustration using many types of creative forms such as typography, photo editing, geometric, diagrams, infographics, line art and many more.

• Supervised the assessment of all graphic materials in order to ensure the quality and accuracy in the design; especially in the print production phase.

• Pitched and developed numerous marketing collaterals such as flyers, brochures, posters, header boards, bunting, wobblers, newspaper and magazine ads, just to name a few.

• Trained Olygen’s junior graphic designers in web designing including basic html and css.

• Implemented the use of Wordpress as their CMS so that they can self-maintain some of their websites and successfully trained their staff to do major amendments on their own.

• I took on the challenge to integrate data from various back-end services and databases without affecting other web services.

• Applied SEO best practices to elevate Olygen’s Web presence and that resulted in doubling of organic web traffic for a major Conference Exhibition (Big IT Malaysia 2015 Conf), leading to a rise in online ticket sales.

• I continuously optimized web application for maximum speed and scalability which allowed users to load their website faster without much issue.

• Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling their site. I undertook and applied different technologies and platform to improve the design and performance for all websites.

Bloop is a Malaysian cosmetic and beauty business. I was hired as their Digital Designer to manage various projects under their sales and marketing department. My main tasks consist of branding, graphic design and web development.

• I led their creative design department and revamped Bloop’s branding to attract their new target audience.

• Revamped some of Bloop’s product packaging and visual merchandising which helped to increase awareness of Bloop’s new brand.

• Collaborated with outsource web developers to develop a brand new web design and E-Commerce website to sell Bloop’s cosmetics and merchandise online. This boosted the company’s sales in 6 months.

• Converged specifications and requirements based on company’s goals to build a new branding and new target market audience which successfully grasped the targeted market requirements in 6 months.

• Helped my Marketing Manager to developed and executed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy and increased Facebook likes by 30% in 6 months.

• Analyzed Bloop’s online traffic and made necessary changes for a better user experience.

• Communicated directly with the CEO to establish project parameters, wrote proposals for design work, analyzed competitor web sites, determined web site content, produced site maps for manager’s approval, and communicated progress with different teams throughout length of project.

• I researched industry design trends to provide top quality and innovative designs.

• I stayed plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into Bloop’s operations and activities. I managed to pitched to Bloop to use Magento/Prestashop as their CMS platform for their new e-commerce website.

7-Eleven Malaysia hired me as their graphic designer under their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. I was hired as a Junior Designer under their marketing department which catered to deliver marketing materials to all local in stores in Malaysia. My tasks consists mainly of graphic design, creative branding, liaising with printers and media, and help build up their social media platforms. I was later promoted to a Senior Graphic Designer.

• I handled most of 7-Eleven’s commercial branding and design but eventually took over 7-Eleven’s corporate branding as well.

• My main focus were to developed 7-Eleven’s branding and graphic design for media print, online branding, rebranding of Slurpee product and other 7-Eleven’s manufactured products as well such as ‘Aktif’ mineral water branding.

• I successfully created a mascot called ‘Slurpeenator’ for Slurpee branding after extensive research on 7-Eleven’s international Slurpee mascots. The Slurpeenator mascot received immediate attention and merchandises were created due to the hype.

• I supervised the assessment of all graphic materials in order to ensure the quality and accuracy in the design. I liaise with 8 different printers to make sure all hardcopy prints and merchandising are up to 7-Eleven’s QA standards.

• I revamped 7-Eleven’s corporate web design and successfully created a brand new responsive web design based on usability sessions and feedback. I worked closely with their frontend and backend developers that was being outsourced.

• Created an all new attractive responsive web design site for 7-Eleven’s drink ‘Slurpee’ to promote their drink sales and branding.

• Designed user-friendly optimized promo pages that increased user clicks, and subsequently customer enquiries by 20%.

• Involved heavily in social media promotions and leveraging on Facebook platform to promote branding.

• Managed multiple projects and tasks while under pressure to meet weekly deadlines.

I applied for an internship at Sony Malaysia during my University studies. Eventually, I was hired as their full time graphic designer. I managed all their graphic design, media print and in store visual merchandising for Bravia’s marketing department.

• I was hired as a junior graphic designer to assist my Manager to manage Bravia’s department POSM. Eventually, I was promoted as a Graphic Designer.

• I managed, produced and designed projects from brief to execution.

• Involved heavily in designing & creating marketing & e-marketing materials on a range of Bravia’s projects.

• I ensured consistency in Sony’s corporate and promotional brands to make sure they are in line with Sony’s design guidelines.

• I worked with my marketing teams to present finalised ideas and concepts to my managers and senior executives.

• I assisted Sony’s events to learn how events are set up and executed.

• Involved in designing Sony’s in store adverts, brochures, handouts and flyers as required by the store managers.

• Keeping up to date with new software, post-production techniques & industry trends.

• I created highly effective marketing campaign designs, product presentations, and trade show materials.